Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Last week in Guate at AOJ

I made it home safe and sound! Glad to be home with my family and friends, and sad to leave my friends in Guatemala and Honduras at the same time. After Honduras I let dad take my nice camera home with him and I took his small camera and I didnt have the cord to get the pictures off so I couldn't post! Heres a quick post of what I did the last couple days I had before I came home! These are the wonderful people I was with this week! On the left are Pastor Sam and his wife Margaret who started Arms of Jesus(AOJ) in Chimaltenago, where I was this week. It's a school in a poor town and they sponsor children to go to the school. I've stayed with the Rodenas while i've been in Guate but I havent been to AOJ yet! Jacky's parents are the directors of AOJ. Stephen is missing in the picture because he had school.
I'm hoping I can get Jacky to come visit in Dec!
While at AOJ I got to teach some english, which I might add reminded me of why i'm in nursing school and not an education major. (my students would speak southern, not english) On this day we were watching the teachers of the school play soccer! They had so much fun taking pictures with the camera. They had never taken a picture before so I had to show them how to push the big button on the top and it was a hit. I have this picture 1354957409354 times with the kids switching out places, taking turns taking the picture. It was lots of fun!
One morning I got to go with Mrs. Margaret to a community where some of the students are from. They were looking for children that were old enough to be sponsored to go to the school for the next year. We also had a couple bags of clothes that we were able to give out!

This little one was precious. I gave her a cute little outfit and she took her clothes off right then! She was so shy but so excited!
The week here was wonderful! It was a perfect way to end the summer! I cant believe I'm already home and the whole trip is over! God did some great things this summer and I'm so glad I got to experience and learn so much from this. Thank all of you who helped me get here this summer! I can't wait to tell all of you about it! I got to surprise mom for her birthday which was lots of fun :) and I'm so glad this summer isn't over! I'll be meeting up with the PRBC youth wednesday while they are at youth camp and the 27th i'll head to Birmingham for Motion Student Conference!

Oh and this was a cool rainbow I saw in guatemala :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

honduras in a nutshell

what a wonderful week in honduras! we had a great time spending our time with the boys at the shelter! This is Joel, one of the youngest, he lovedddd dad!

I had fun thursday night when we got to hang out with the older boys and had fireworks! On the bus ride to the shelter they sang and broke glow sticks. It was fun!

This is Gerardo and he is adorable. Picture this little one with a deep raspy voice, thats him!

We did vbs stuff with the kids all week! They made these and played games! They had lots of fun! We also played 'a minute to win it' games at the farm thursday! That was funny! They had to put vasoline on their nose and move cotton balls from one bowl to another with their nose!

We also painted the school room! This is Ever, he helped us paint this week! I didnt get any pictures of the painted school room but i did get pictures of his nails! He painted my nails with the oil base paint and then told me all week that my nails were ugly :) He loved me though!